Adult Judges

Our judges are an important piece of the hearing night process. Adult judges hear and preside over the hearings. They have the ability to look over the sanctions handed down by the peer jury and revise where they see fit. The judges also can overrule or sustain objections.

Most of our judges are community attorneys, retired judges, or elected officials. Our volunteer judges have donated over 3,400 hours to South Coast Youth Courts.

We have been very blessed to have the relationships within our communities to attract amazing judges.

If you would like to be added to the list of volunteers willing to serve please e-mail:

Terri Bellivau at

or Yajaira Romero at
Patricia Medeiros
Steve Marshalek
Jack Tierney
George Leighton
Jack Markey
Robert Ward
Mardee Xifaras
Michelle Rioux
Joe McIntyre
Patrick O'Leary
Scott Sylvia
Moira Tierney
William Orlacchio
Howie Clinch
Anthony Savastano
Larry Lopes
Jeff Martin
David Branco
Tracey Little
Jon Michell
Christopher Cassera
Tim McGuire
Gina DeRossi
Jim Sweeney
Brandon Moss
Ryan Benharris
Donald Chausse
Kara Brown
Patrick Colvario
Carolina Africano
Lee Blais
Eric Cohen
Kayla Barnes
Matthew Provencher
Kelly Martin
Heather Martinez
Stephan Canessa
Paul Durland
Patsy Torres
Nina Sousa
Tracy Higgins
Ron Teachman
Bob Digiantamoso
Dan Keleher
Paul Machado
Steve Gagne
David Mark
John Sousa
Jeanne Veenstra
Bill Farias
Renee DuPuis
Daniel Less
Jen Thompson
Carla Sauvignon
Justin Alves
Kelly Costa
Steve Nadeau
Carolyn Morrissette
Jackson Jones
Craig Souza
Sarah Angers
Daniel Walsh
Kate Miller
Robert Kidd
Jen Gonzalez
Steve Nadeau Jr.
Ashlee Aguiar
Amelia Wilson
Mary Ellen Heffernan
Jack Stapleton
Denis Collins
Noah Ertel
Melissa Weikert
Julianne Kidd
Angela MacDonald
Sarah Ulbricht
Melissa Ellis
Jim Bazinet
Corey Mastin
Jessica Stone
Tom Hunt
Brian Bentley
Karla Galvan
Nick Bernier
Justin Braga
Danielle Pixley
Yul Mi Cho
Ashley McCormack
James Storey
Ryan Pavao
Kylie Schuster
Kelly Ann DeFeo
Bryce Boswell
Melissa Benchley
Joseph Cordeiro
Catherine Sauter
Christopher Cotter Caroline Conzatti
Gregory O'Neil
Jeff Provencher
Alan Silvia
Justin Gomes
Mary O'Neil
Carole Fiola
Karima Ortolano
Robert Fread
Bernadette Souza
Danielle Pixley
Samuel Ortega
Nicholas Butland
Eric Poulin
Diana Cortes
Anthony Riccio
Patrick Bomberg
Jose Valez
Kyle McPherson
Matthew Lopes
Dan Mofford
Curtis St. Pierre
Christopher Hendrick

Nathaniel Rodriguez
Henry Sousa
Allann Fonseca
Kevin Aguiar
John Flor
Alicia Smith
Brigit Cross
Amber considine
Alicia Pearl
Justin Gomes
Robert Mendes
Jim Mathes