Drive Smart South Coast is a partnership between local law enforcement, community-minded leaders and businesses along with the South Coast Youth Courts have formed a coalition to prevent distracted driving in the area. Drive Smart South Coast will utilize a 3-pronged approach of heightened enforcement, education and diversion programming and community awareness to address the issue.

Who We Are
  What We Do

Drive Smart South Coast is a six-week diversion program serving juveniles between the ages of 16-18 within the South Coast, Acushnet, Dartmouth and Fairhaven areas. As cases a processed, young drivers will not only receive an educational class, but they will serve community service in their town/city educating others on the dangers of distracted driving. They will also be responsible for supporting and promoting educational campaigns across our community to encourage teenagers as well as adults to be more responsible. Successful participation in the program will allow youth and their families to avoid expensive fines, insurance premiums and a license suspension.

What We Offer

Sanctions that could be issued: Distracted driving class, Community Service, Jury Duty at Youth Court, written or verbal apologies, reflections papers. Community Service will entail working to better educate the community about Distracted Driving among juveniles as well as Adults through various projects. 

The South coast area Police Officers are giving you the opportunity to either take the citation and the stipulations listed above or to complete the Youth court Traffic Diversion program. Once your parent or guardian has signed the consent form, Youth Court will call you to schedule your intake. Youth Court is not a court of guilt or innocence, it is a no contest court and the only thing determined in Youth court is sanctions based solely on your testimony. you will testify before a panel of high school students(not from your school) and they will hand don sanctions. Those sanctions will need to be completed within a 4-6 week window. You will receive a case manger that will follow up with you and make sure you complete all of the sanctions given to you within the required time frame.