South Coast Youth Court

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The Youth Court Process

South Coast Youth Court is a voluntary juvenile diversion program offering juvenile respondents the opportunity to accept responsibility for their actions and to resolve criminal charges through adjudication by their peers. The South Coast Youth Court also serves to educate young people to develop understanding and respect for the justice system.
offends/ commits crime
Youth Court Intake Scheduled
Youth Court Hearing & Sanctions Recieved
Complete Sanctions & Successful YC
South Coast Youth Court compliance rate averages 91%
Post one year recidivism is under 15%
Post three year recidivism is less than 30%

The Hearing Night Process

New Bedford
Fall River
Arrival Time: 4:00
Arrival Time: 4:15

Once your intake is complete, and you are deemed eligible, you will receive a hearing date and time for your Youth Court appearance usually within 2-4 weeks of your intake. You must appear at your hearing on time with your parent and speak with your peer defense team. They will review the facts of the incident with you and assist you on proper courtroom procedures. You will have an opportunity to review the jury list as well as the prosecution team names to ensure an impartial proceeding. You will be required to testify on your own behalf.Victims or witnesses may choose to offer verbal or written statements regarding the incident.

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Community Service

If you are interested in being a site for community service please contact Terri for New Bedford at or Yajaira for Fall River at
South Coast Youth Court respondents have completed over 97,000 hours of Community services in their respective cities and surrounding towns. They have had the opportunity to work with a host of different agencies to complete a variety of projects.