Youth Court Volunteers

Youth Court Volunteers are high school students who have a desire to learn more about the legal system and contribute to reducing delinquent behavior in their community. Interested students are required to fill out an application. The majority of volunteers accepted are high school students that have demonstrated commitment, dedication and maturity. Youth Court volunteers must take an oath of confidentiality. All aspects of the Youth court program are designed to be strictly confidential. Volunteers will be required to complete a training session to learn the roles of prosecution, defense, bailiff, and clerk. Volunteers are eligible for community service hours, internship credit and scholarships.

Youth Court Jury Members

Impartial Jurors are charged with the responsibility of determining the sanctions for each respondent's offensive behavior. Youth court jurors are students ages 12 to 18. Jury participation is voluntary. However, as part of their sanctions, respondents may be required to serve Youth court jury duty. Jurors will be recruited in area schools, community organizations, and youth groups. Jurors will be selected randomly and will be notified in advance of their service date. Jurors must appear 1/2 an hour before the hearing to be screened for impartiality and briefed on procedures. Schools are encouraged to use the jury experience as a classroom assignment or extra-credit project.

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