Our Mission 

South Coast Youth Court is a voluntary juvenile diversion program offering juvenile respondents the opportunity to accept responsibility for their actions and to resolve criminal charges through adjudication by their peers. The South Coast Youth Court also serves to educate young people to develop understanding and respect for the justice system.

We would like to thank our community partners for all of their time and support!

Downloadable Forms

Hearing Night Information

Fall River
Arrive at 4:00pm
Yajaira - yromero@paaca.org
New Bedford
Arrive at 4:45pm
Terri - tswanbell77@gmail.com

South Coast Youth Courts are pleased to announce that we have been conducting hearings through the zoom app at this time. We have already proccessed several cases and will continue to move the cases scheduled to a Zoom call instead. We plan to begin program via zoom in the near future. If you have any questions please contact either Yajaira in Fall River or Terri in New Bedford.