Case Manager
Internship Opportunities
Program Facilitator
Case Managers are responsible for the follow up of their assigned caseloads. This includes weekly school/admin meetings as well as 1 on 1 meeting with the respondents. Case managers often act as liaisons between the referring party, the schools, respondent, and their families. This position requires someone who exemplifies compassion, discipline, and empathy. A majority of our respondents suffer from some sort of mental health concerns and often time goal setting is done around these issues or with these issues in mind.
We offer a plethora of different programs including after school skills building, Mentoring, STEAM, community service, and jury duty. Facilitation requires not only co-running the programs but being able to create or reuse program plans that are appropriate to the specific cohort.
  • Case Management
  • Program Facilitation
  • Office Administration
  • Grant Writing
  • Youth Court Nights
  • Drive Smart South Coast 
We offer a variety of different programs that allow for many diverse opportunities to intern with us. We will help work with your schedule and will offer flexible hours.
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